Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

  •  Single row angular contact ball bearings can accommodate axial loads acting in one direction only. A single row bearing is typically adjusted against a second bearing. 

    The bearings are non-separable and the bearing rings have one high and one low shoulder. The low shoulder enables a large number of balls to be incorporated in the bearing, giving it a relatively high load carrying capacity.
  • Single row angular contact ball bearing: 
    7000, 7200,
    7300, 7400

    (Available in Steel, Brass & Polyamide Cages)

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

  • Double row angular contacts ball bearings correspond in design to two single row angular contact ball bearings arranged back-to-back, but take up less axial space. They can accommodate radial loads as well as axial loads acting in both directions. They provide stiff bearing arrangements and are able to accommodate tilting moments.
  • Double row angular contact ball bearing 
    3200, 3300, 
    5200, 5300

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